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    Sandhill Strawberry Farm
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  • Strawberry Farm Lancashire
  • Strawberry Farm Lancashire

Sandhill Strawberry Farm

(next to Junction 7 M62 - at Rainhill Stoops)

At Sandhill Farm you will enjoy excellent value and quality fruit as well as the unique physical and financial satisfaction that only 'picking your own' can bring. A great day out for couples, families and groups from Liverpool and the surrounding region, there is a harvest of local produce waiting for you at Sandhill Farm, Rainhill, Prescot.

We are a Traditional working farm, with traditional buildings and all produce grown on the farm, from small plants. Nice rural aspects, of picking your own produce from a field. There is a small amount of fruit and pumpkins in the shop.

There are many varieties and sizes of fruit, pumpkins and X mass trees.You can also sit and play on a tractor with a trailer.

Our Produce...

  • June - mid-August:
    Strawberries, raspberries, & blackberries
  • October - Halloween:
    Pick your own pumpkins
  • December:
    Xmas Trees & Wreaths.

Strawberry Farm

Strawberry Picking

Hand-pick your own strawberries

Strawberry picking is a very English pastime - and it couldn't be a more traditional, cost-effective and enjoyable day out for family and friends... with the real highlight being enjoyed at home after the excursion to Sandhill Strawberry Farm! Strawberries are, of course, available worldwide and throughout the year but never taste quite as good as English strawberries, do they!...and where better to pick your own than in the lovely surroundings of Sandhill Strawberry Farm where there seem to be... ('Strawberry Fields Forever...')

Picking & Shopping

The Farm Shop at Sandhill Strawberry Farm contains lots of home-grown fruit and vegetables which could not be fresher and for those who want quality produce but without the effort involved in picking it, the Farm Shop is the perfect solution!

Depending on the season, you will discover various fruits and beautiful hanging baskets at Sandhill Strawberry Farm. With ample car parking, we welcome you to a fulfilling day out at Sandhill Strawberry Farm and Farm Shop.

We are often asked if strawberries can be frozen... the answer is yes! In fact, most of our fruit and vegetables can be frozen so that you can enjoy their unique flavour long after the season is finished. Strawberries, it has to be said, are the least successful but the flavour is retained and they are ideal for creating sauces and preserves. Freeze, separated, on a tray then 'bag up' for longer term freezing.

Opening Times!

Sandhill Strawberry Farm is open as follows:-
7 days per week: May 'till early August. 10.00 am - 6.00 pm

(*For information on crops ready to pick, phone 0151 493 2022)

Contact Us

We are looking forward to your visit. If you have any queries or would like more information, please telephone or drop us an email.

Sandhill Strawberry Farm
Warrington Road
L35 6PG
(next to Junction 7 M62 - at Rainhill Stoops)
Tel: 0151 493 2022